Moving Statistics (2020 Updated)

Moving Statistics (2020 Updated)

Moving Statistics – Industry Volume & Revenue as of 2019

Moving Packing Storage Warehouse Distribution Centers

The moving industry is considered to include “local and long-distance transportation of household and office goods as well as storage, warehousing, packing, packaging, processing, distribution, consulting, merchandise sales and other related services.”

The moving industry data on this page has been compiled mostly from the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) as well as the United States Census Bureau using the most recent reports available.

Moving Statistics (2020 Updated)

This information will be kept up to date with the most recent data as new trends emerge. Please check back for updated charts and statistics. Written and Created by Christopher Kemmett – Owner and Founder of Moving America.

Revenue Truck Moving Total Revenue Per Year by Category

Moving Industry Vs. Revenue Statistics

Packing Moving Storage Service Type Distribution Selection Graph

This section is based on the most recent AMSA study. Other studies have found the moving industry to include 16-18 billion in revenue, but include different services in their studies.

Moving Industry Revenue - Types of Service
Individuals Corporate Military Move Type Distribution Selection Graph
Moving Industry Revenue - Types of Moves
Moving Statistics (2020 Updated)

Moving Industry Vs. Volume Statistics

Moving Industry Volume - Location of Move
Moving Industry Volume - Family Related Reasons
Moving Industry Volume - Employment Related Reasons
Moving Industry Volume - Housing Related Reasons
Moving Industry Volume - Miscellaneous Reasons
Comparing Moving Trends Over the Past Few Decades with Data From the Census Bureau.

Moving Trends Compared

Additional Charts and Graphs Visualizing U.S. Moving Statistics Provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Home Owners vs. Renters Who Move

Reasons For Moving Over Time

Average Distances of a Non-Local Move

Hiring Professionals vs. Do-It-Yourself

According to AMSA’s study on interstate moves, approximately 21.7% of people moving will hire a mover for long hauls across the country. This is based on a study of 3 million interstate moves, where 650,000 people hired a mover, 1 million rented a truck and 1.35 million moved “un-assisted”.

Moving Industry Volume - Interstate Method of Move

This means 78.3% of people are using moving trucks for their moves and are paying for that truck one way or the other.

Cross referencing moving statistics with the top trusted sources.

Quick Moving Statistics Links

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  • State to State (2018) mobility data from AMSA: Access→
  • The “2017 Economic Impact Study” from AMSA Access→
Moving Statistics (2020 Updated)

Additional Studies Provided by America’s Largest Vanlines

Moving Statistics (2020 Updated)

Moving Statistics: U.S. Economic Impact from The Moving & Storage Industries

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Moving Statistics (2020 Updated)
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