Refund & Return Policy

Moving America will honor every customer’s refund or return request if the request meets the following requirements.

  • The customer has not agreed to any additional terms and conditions that restrict such a request or require the customer to adhere to additional terms as a contract requirement. Please Advise: All moving, packing and storage related clients should first review their service contract for details regarding refunds, returns or discounts.
  • The customer has not already received the product or service they requested or paid for. In the case of a disputed quality of product or service the customer should review the following criteria before sending a request:
    • Something was lost, damaged or stolen, be sure to provide evidence of such by a party Moving America is liable for.
    • Something was not delivered, be sure to provide evidence that you paid for the product or service that was not delivered.
  • Moving America will not be held liable for any 3rd party’s responsibility and as per the customer’s agreement with any 3rd party, they should seek their refund or return request. Please Advise: This may include a shipping and/or handling company like UPS, USPS or FEDEX, or any other 3rd party specialty or accessorial service the client has made additional agreements with.

Please contact our 24/7 Customer Service department with all valid refund or return requests as soon as possible. We are glad you have selected our company as your provider and look forward to honoring our 100% Customer Service Guarantee and honoring any legal agreements or contracts we have made with you.

If you are a moving, packing or storage client and have a valid claim, please visit our Customer Claims portal to submit your claim and document the details of the claim.

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