Submit Damage Claim Form

Remedies For Valid Claims

  1. Submit a claim form via email to [email protected]
  2. Submit a claim form via webform at
  3. Download/Print fill out and mail a claim form to 188 SW Ace Ln., Lake City, FL, 32025

Download Claim Form Below

Submit A Valid Claim Via Webform

Below is a webform you can use to submit a damage claim to Moving America.

  1. Please include the damaged item, description of the type of damage, and the weight of the item.
  2. Submit your damage form within 30 days of your move date or when the damage occurred.
  3. We will get back to you within 14 days.

Most claims are processed within 24 hours. We are always focused on maintaining the complete satisfaction of our customers. If by chance an item was damaged during your move, please understand we take this very seriously and will work hard and fast to rectify the situation for you. Thank you for your continued business and patience during this process.

What is a valid claim?

  1. A lost item. Must be inventoried and documented as being loaded prior to origin pickup and validated as unloaded upon receipt at destination as missing.
  2. A stolen item. (1) Must meet criteria as a lost item; and (2) Must be documented with a filed police report and all persons involved in the move must file a statement with the police including: Driver, Movers, Packers, Customer, Customer’s associates involved in the move (if applicable).
  3. A damaged item. Customer must have opted for required handling procedures as described in Moving Contract or Accessorial Contract. Customer must not have signed a “Release of Liability”. All items glass, stone, mirror, marble, granite, electronics, lamps, televisions, computers, statues and other loose articles and personal effects must be boxed by our professionals to be insured and to be considered a valid claim. IF a customer packs their own goods or provides their own materials, a claim is only valid in the case of Our Companies “negligence”. If a customer declines full valuation and declines to properly pack an item, bag a mattress, or follow the movers suggested handling procedures, the claim will not be considered valid. Any damage in this case will be considered “negligence” on behalf of the customer.

  4. Note 1: Any item damaged that is required to be boxed (ie. televisions, electronics) by our professionals or bagged (ie. mattresses) by our professionals are not covered by any valuation. When you purchase packing services, we provide the boxes, void filler, bags and insurance for the ultimate protection of your goods. Any customer who packs their own goods or provides their own materials will not receive the insurance coverage necessary to ensure the proper protection of their goods during their move.

    Note 2:Particle board, machine pressed or mechanically produced pressboard furniture is not covered by an insurance or valuation unless completely disassembled and boxed in it’s original casing.

Do you have additional damaged items to report?

Additional Items (Optional)

Only fill out fields for items you are reporting as damaged.

Scroll down and complete the form when you have input all of your damages.

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