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We offer clear, honest, and accurate estimates on-site or off-site.

  • On-Site Estimates – Requires an Appointment
  • Off-Site Estimates – Requires a Full Inventory

Simply provide us with the essential inventory and survey information relative to your project and we’ll offer you an easy-to-understand quote. Compare it with other moving companies and we’re confident you’ll discover the inherent value when you choose Moving America.


One of the most common frustrations we hear from our clients about moving is the tedious process of packing. Whether it’s your home or office, packing everything securely and safely is a time-consuming process that (when you’re in the middle of it) doesn’t seem to end.

Rely on our experienced professionals to pack your belongings, from clothing to the most sensitive and fragile items. All handled with extreme care.


Loading a truck or container may appear simple enough, but anything that isn’t packed in tight or wrapped properly can become damaged. Every bump, turn, and jostle in the road can grind furniture against boxes, the truck’s side walls, and even itself. Carefully placed boxes can also slip loose.

Experience matters when it comes to proper loading, not only to prevent slipping, but also protect your back, fragile items, and all your belongings.

Moving America - Final Tier, Strapping Freight, Long Distance Container
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Transporting Your Goods

Across town or across the country, we’ll transport and deliver your possessions on time and in great condition. Moving America was founded to help people alleviate the common stressors of moving and getting everything to its destination properly is one more piece of the puzzle. Our team specializes in quality door to door transport for your peace of mind and the safety of your goods.


Unloading a truck or container at your new home or office may appear straightforward, but if everything’s simply thrown into any available space, that makes the process of unpacking tens times longer and more frustrating.

Our experienced pros will unload, stage furniture, boxes, and other items in designated rooms, and do it in a way that makes your unpacking as smooth as possible.


Once everything’s in place, the exciting and challenging aspect of unpacking begins. Let our team take your lead and direction and get everything set up for you. Relax, sip a nice tall glass of iced tea or water out on the new deck or patio, or meet your neighbors.

Or be part of the process and have a bunch of extra hands to make this part of your move as quick as possible so you can finally get to living your new life in your new home!


If you won’t be moving into your new home or office for a few days, weeks, or months, Moving America offers storage options. Short and long-term storage solutions are available and we can then transport it all across town or state-to-state when you’re finally ready to make that move.


Different than insurance, valuation is a requirement for every moving company in America to have and offer. This helps protect against unexpected damage, which could include an accident, a box being dropped, or something shifting in the truck during transit. While our movers are highly seasoned professionals, mishaps can occur, even with the most diligent focus.

Valuation is provided based on weight, not the value of the items. Basic coverage starts at $0.60/lb (sixty cents per pound), so if a 10-pound item is damaged you’ll receive $6. Moving America offers valuation up to $6.00/lb, giving you more protection for your next upcoming move. With full-valuation your 10-pound item would be covered at $60. Check out our moving valuation calculator→

Learn more about Moving America and the exceptional services we offer. Contact us now and let us take the stress out of your next move!

Moving Services

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