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Moving America offers a variety customized packing solutions.  


It is necessary to package as many items as possible to consolidate, secure and protect all of the cargo in a shipment. The more consolidated items are, the more efficiently they can be moved. Packing items ultimately saves time and money during the moving process. There are many items we require to be packed, if you would like us to move them. Some of these items are glassware, electronics, lamps, small appliances, clothing, pillows, artwork, vases, statues, loose articles, smaller furniture items, antique and fragile items, etc... 



You can leave items in your drawers, but we might require them to be packed after assessing them on moving day.


To avoid potential contract revisions, it is encouraged that all items in drawers are packed.  If you choose to have your furniture moved with drawers or cabinets that contain loose articles, the integrity of your furniture cannot be guaranteed during transport. Furniture is designed to support weight from the top down. During transport, weight is shifted from right to left during turns and from the bottom to the top when traveling over bumps and hills.  Many large pieces of furniture can weigh 300+ lbs when fully loaded.  Emptying these items and packing the loose articles increases the safety of your move.



We do not pack or move organic items, which includes food. Food also includes drinks and water. 


We do not move organic items due to the natural tendency of organics to be susceptible to mold, leakage, material transfer, contamination, infestations and rot. It is always suggested that before moving all food is consumed, donated or disposed of. 



We do not move hazardous items or liquids.


We do not move hazardous items or liquids to to the contamination and danger they can cause to property and people during the moving process. Hazardous materials are often combustible and explosive; there are many items considered hazardous listed on our un-authorized items list.  It is recommended that all cleaning chemicals be used up or donated before moving day. 



Nearly all lamps can be and should be packed into a box before moving. 


Most lamps, including standing lamps, can be disassembled and packaged securely for safe moving. It is recommended that all lamps are disassembled and then packaged, usually into two boxes (one for the lamp and one for the shade). 



All mirrors, glass, marble, stone, slate, granite, framed art should be packed before moving.


Art and mirror cartons can be customized to fit the particular piece in question. Often times, several pieces of art can be combined to consolidate the art/mirror packing process.  These items must be packed correctly before moving to avoid damage during shipment. 



Moving America is a professional moving company that specializes in furniture moving services.


Our movers are trained to carefully protect, handle, move, assemble and stage furniture. There are literally millions of different furniture styles, makes and models, and our professional movers have been trained to inspect, assess and decisively move them all safely. We utilize a strategic approach for moving, which prioritizes the safety of all people and property within the moving environment. Our movers are equipped with several different types of moving dollies, straps, sliders, boards, and most importantly experience, knowledge and common sense.



All of our professional movers are familiar with the installation and connections of your common household appliances.


This includes washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, stoves, microwaves, fireplaces, sewing machines, heaters, fans, vacuum cleaners, water coolers, coffee machines, paper shredders, etc... Before the moving process begins appliances are often packed into boxes or wrapped with cardboard and, or, professional moving pads. Moving appliances often requires additional time for assembly or installation.



We have specific procedures and special equipment for moving safes of all kinds.


When moving a safe, we first start with sourcing the manufacturer and model of the safe, we then determine the exact weight of the safe. Finally, our movers are equipped with the correct type of moving equipment, strategy and number of movers for the job to be executed safely (no pun intended). Most safes are between 300 and 700 lbs and can be safely moved with two professionally trained crew members. We use high capacity dollies and pallet jacks for moving safes.



All of our movers are trained to move upright, player and spinet pianos. We also have specially trained crews dedicated to moving grand and baby grand pianos. 


Pianos are extremely heavy and often massively delicate instruments that require specific packaging and techniques to move safely and correctly. Most pianos can be moved with a professional crew of two movers. It is always recommended to have your piano tuned after a move, due to the vibrations the piano experiences traveling over the road.



Our movers can disassemble, move, and reassemble your pool table. Keep in mind, moving a pool table often requires experienced installers for felt stretching and slate re-leveling services.


There are 7', 8' and 9' (professional) sized pool tables. Most pool tables have multiple pieces of slate that are connected and leveled with bees wax or other types of bonding.  This requires re-bonding after every re-assembly. The felt is also often stretched out of form after removal and needs to be replaced when the table is reassembled.  A pool table can be safely moved with a crew of two professional movers.



Moving America has short-term and long-term storage solutions.


We offer climate controlled and dry storage options.  Every customer's storage needs are unique and you can choose the size unit that best fits your personal needs. 



Overnight truck storage is a very common request, which we will gladly oblige.


Overnight storage should not exceed two to three days.  The temperatures inside of a truck can exceed 140° degrees in the summer months in the hottest parts of the day. For this reason, we do not store goods overnight for very long periods of time. 



Climate-controlled storage is highly recommended for the optimum protection of your goods.


Climate cooled storage units keep your goods from experiencing severe temperature changes.  It is highly recommended that you opt for climate controlled storage if you have any long-term storage needs. Long-term storage is considered anything longer than 30 days.



We are partnered with several portable storage providers.  We can offer containers of several sizes, depending on what your needs are. 

After your inventory is reviewed, then one of our professionals will determine the size needed for you. 


The amount of storage is determined by cubic volume. For example, a typical 26' x 8.5' x 9' moving van has 1,989 cubic feet of space available.  A storage space that measures 10'x 20' x 10' would be comparable at 2,000 cubic feet.



Moving America, and all moving companies, are required by law to provide valuation to their customers at zero additional cost.


State law in Florida demands that all movers guarantee consumers goods at a minimum of .60 cents per pound (lb).  Most moving companies offer higher levels of coverage for an additional cost.  Moving America offers full valuation at $6 per pound (lb).  The cost of full valuation is based on the weight of the shipment. 

Valuation is an alternative to insurance, that guarantees a specific dollar ($) amount per pound (lb) of cargo in transit.


Valuation is the released value of your goods when they are in a mover's possession.  When you hire a mover, the mover takes temporary custody of your goods.  The law requires a value of cargo be determined before the release (loading of the mover's truck). 


Valuation is not insurance, although it is a similar process that may require an upfront cost and have deductibles. 

Basic or "minimum" valuation, .60 cents per pound (lb), is provided by your mover for free. 


Moving America offers full valuation for entire shipments or partial shipments at a rate of 1%.  The final price is based on the weight of your shipment multiplied by $6 per pound (lb), if full valuation is purchased. Our valuation policies require no deductible in the event of a pay out. 


All interstate moving companies are required to offer full valuation to each customer.  Local movers are not bound by the same laws. Florida, for example, does not require full valuation be offered.  The cost of full valuation will differ by region and company.

If an item is damaged by a mover or during transit, you can choose to settle during final payment or begin the claim process.


The claim process begins with an evaluation or assessment of damage.  The damaged property in question must be made available to the moving company for inspection.  At Moving America, we ask for 7 days (local) or 14 days (long distance ) from the date we receive a submitted claim to inspect any claim.  All claims must be made within 30 days of final delivery.


After your claim is reviewed, Moving America will make you whole 1 of 3 ways.  First, we will attempt to repair any damage.  If that's not possible, we will then make our best attempts to replace the item.   If neither of the options are feasible, then we will compensate you based on the level of valuation you have selected. 



Moving insurance is an insurance product that must be sold by State licensed insurance provider.  Movers are prohibited by law from selling insurance, and are instead required to provide valuation policies.


Customers can purchase moving insurance from 3rd party providers such as "Bakers International".  We are registered with Bakers International and our customers can purchase an insurance policy through them if necessary. 

If any damage occurs to the premises of either the pick-up (origin) or drop-off (destination) locations of your property by Moving America or any moving company, you have the option to settle during final payment or file a claim.

You must first document the damage and then notify the on-site team, or office.  The claim procedure begins with an inspection of the damage, which requires 7 days (local) or 14 days (long distance ) from the date we receive a submitted claim to inspect any claim. All claims must be made within 30 days of final delivery.

After your claim is reviewed, we will make our best attempts to repair, replace or compensate you for the damage. 

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