Choosing A Mover or Moving Company

Choosing a Mover

Hiring a licensed, bonded, and insured mover is the most important part of hiring a mover.

A mover that holds a bond is held accountable by the surety company bondholder based on the performance of professional services, which is a broad scope of accountability. Movers who have had claims or ill performance in the past, bad credit, criminal records, etc… are unable to acquire bonds.

Insured movers are harder to vet than bonded movers because “insured” doesn’t describe in detail what is insured. Ask movers in detail what kind of insurance they carry. Movers may or may not carry general liability, professional liability, auto-liability, cargo liability, workers compensation and other types of insurance. Movers may carry one or more of these policies and advertise as “insured”.

A licensed mover, generally means they have registered with their state and/or local municipality and met certain requirements to receive a moving authority of some kind. Every state and local government is different and some States are completely unregulated, requiring no insurance or vetting while some cities hold movers to very intensive requirements.

Knowing the rules in your area, or the area your mover is based out of is the first step, then pick someone who carries a license, bond, and as much insurance as you require to ease your mind.

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