Do Movers Require Deposits

Do movers require deposits?

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Yes and No. And here’s why.

The industry is pretty split on the process of collecting deposits. Despite what you might read online about scams and frauds, legitimate moving companies often require deposits. Here at our company, Moving America, we require a minimum of $50 deposit or a 10% deposit on larger cost moves.

Many companies require heftier deposits, including but not limited to 50% or more of the total cost of your move. Companies that require higher deposits usually have higher overhead, less volume and have stricter policies on refunding deposits.

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Do scam companies require deposits?

“Rogues do that all the time and ruin it for the honest companies that genuinely need deposits” – Chris Hunt First Class Moving Systems

Companies that require no deposits are usually larger van line agents that require zero down and never collect deposits. These companies have a much higher volume of customers and are less financially strained.

Smaller companies that are family owned are much more likely to require a deposit due to the costs associated with a canceled or rescheduled move date.

Deposits, if required, are usually credited towards the total cost of your move. You may be required to make additional payments before final delivery or after the job is completed. Always ask your mover ahead of time how the payment process works and have your payment ready at the appropriate time.

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